September 2016

Updates from the President

The Cycle of Renewal


The beginning of a new academic year always brings me a sense of excitement and renewal. It is a cycle that shapes our lives and brings us back to focusing our intellect and energies on meeting our mission of providing access and success to our wonderfully diverse community of learners.

Opening Day is designed to help new students get connected in as many ways as possible, because students who are connected are more successful. The energy and enthusiasm of the Student Orientation Leaders is infectious and I want to thank Rebecca Newell, Ben Adoo, and Steve Rossi for preparing these superb students leaders and organizing the day. I also want to acknowledge that Opening Day is a collaborative effort between a wide range of people across the college who are all deeply involved in helping students be successful from day one.

During the first week of school, at a very busy time for all at the college, ITT Tech closed its doors and we were asked to reach out and help these displaced students. I am tremendously proud of the work done by the Enrollment, Admissions and Advisement teams. It was great to hear Pam Flaherty’s hearty voice welcoming students in the lobby, and many thanks to Rob Kaulfuss for all the work he did evaluating courses and transcripts.

Great Grants News

Our Resource Development Team of Susan Anderson, Lisa Doucett and Danielle Kehoe continue to land major grants for the institution. Over the last four months, they have helped MCC bring in awards totaling over $2 million. In just the last couple of weeks, MCC was awarded two major grants from the U.S. Department of Education. The Title III Strengthening Institutions grant, eMCC: Success from the Start, is designed to improve student success and support academic progress by creating a new student portal and infusing technology tools, including learning analytics, into our support services.

The second major grant was the Asian American Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution, or AANAPISI, grant for $346,449 per year for five years for a total of $1,732,245. The grant is focused on improving service to our Asian-American student population and to better support them in achieving their academic goals by creating an Asian-American Connections Center (AASC) and Asian-American Student Network (peer support program).

Strategic Transformation Process

The Strategic Transformation Process underway at MCC is designed to address the significant challenges facing the college. Declining enrollment, declining state support, rising costs, and increased competition has led to a growing budget deficit. If we are to continue to provide access to an excellent and affordable education, this college will need to become more entrepreneurial and productive.

On September 1, we held an interactive Strategic Transformation workshop with a wide range of college leaders, including the academic department chairs and program directors. At this meeting, an honest assessment of our current condition was presented and a vigorous discussion was structured around how to work through these issues through open and transparent processes.

On September 8, at the Opening Forum, documentation was distributed and I talked openly about the challenges facing the college and my sincere belief that we have the talent, creativity, and energy at MCC to transform this college in ways that will allow us to continue to focus on our mission of access and success. The Q&A session was filled with appropriate questions and astute comments that helped create a positive professional dialogue. It is great to work with a group of educational professionals who are willing to engage in an open and engaging dialogue.


On Wednesday, Oct. 19, we will have an all-day Strategic Transformation Summit. The Summit is designed to engage the entire college community in productive processes that will help us transform the college in ways that transcend the challenges we face. This is a college that has never been willing to passively endure, but one that actively confronts and leads the way. I am confident this will be a day of active participation, challenging conversations, and many transformative ideas.

Following the Summit, I am asking the Strategic Planning Committee to review and analyze the results, and draft a series of recommendations for the President’s Cabinet to review. We are planning to have a draft report out to the college before the end of the calendar year, and we hope to begin implementation of some aspects of the Transformation as early as January 2017.

Building a Culture of Openness and Respect

Since arriving at MCC, I have striven to be visible and accessible to all members of the college community. By now, people are getting used to me roaming around, stopping in offices and getting to know the wonderful people who work at MCC. I just enjoy getting out of the office and interacting with faculty, staff, and students.

I have augmented the office visits with many one-on-one discussions where I really get to engage with faculty and staff about the issues facing them and the college. I have held numerous meetings with the leaders of our shared governance organizations, with program directors, and with staff members who have all shown a level of professionalism and concern for our mission that is unprecedented in my career. I have also started to meet with all new full- time employees, and am now holding regular small-group dialogues throughout the year. (There’s nothing like home-baked cookies to get the discussions started!)

Recent Activities


Middlesex recently participated in the Bedford Day Parade where my wife, Judy, and I marched with a group of students from SUGA and the Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute. The students handed out 500 eco-friendly bags, labeled “Future MCC Graduate” and then tossed candy as we walked back up the parade route. Now that was some creative marketing!

Thomas Asiamah prepared and drove the MCC float, and Genesis Reyes as well as other MCC staff marched with the students. Following the parade, we also had a college booth at the Bedford Day Fair, where visitors kept Jillian Freitas-Haley and Dennis Malvers busy for several hours. It was great to be out in the community promoting the college with a diverse group of students. We need to continue building our presence in our many local communities.

And Finally

It is an honor to work with all the dedicated and hardworking people at MCC. It is a wonderful place to work, and every day we get to engage with students, energize their learning, and empower their success. I wish you all a wonderful semester.

All the best,
Jim Mabry

Grant News

Middlesex received word in early September that the college is the recipient of a Title III, Strengthening Institutions grant from the US Department of Education. The grant entitled, “eMCC: Success from the Start, the Path to Completion”, will support student success through a more advanced technology infrastructure including the integration of learning analytics. The goal of the project is to improve overall student persistence, retention, and completion outcomes and has two primary components. The first focuses on the Student Experience and the development of student self-service related to enrollment functions with an integrated digital planning and advising system linked to learning assessments. The second component will build a digital “360 degree view of student progress” for assessing academic progress, and inform both the students and the institution through timely access to data. The grant award is $2,205,024 and will be implemented over 5 years.

Upcoming Events

  • October 19, 2016, Strategic Transformation Summit, UMass ICC
  • October 27, 2016, Board of Trustee Meeting, 7:30 a.m., Bedford Trustee House
  • October 28 & 29, 2016, Murder at the Nesmith House (Performed by the MCC Theatre Group), 6:30 p.m., Nesmith House
  • November 9, 2016, PTK Honor Society Induction Ceremony, 3:00 p.m. Bedford Campus Center
  • November 19, Craft Fair, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Bedford Campus
  • December 6, 2016, Board of Trustee Meeting w/Student Government, 7:30 a.m., Nesmith House

 In The News

News from the Divisions

Academic & Student Affairs

Academic, Career and Transfer Department

Staff Updates:

  • Patrick Fama: Patrick joined the MCC team on September 6. Patrick has a long history of academic advising at both two and four year institutions, most recently working for Northeastern University as an academic advisor. Patrick is a community college graduate and a veterans of the US Air Force. He will be working as an Academic Advisor in our Lowell office.
  • Bryan Wint: Bryan was hired into the Director of Advising / Academic Pathways role on August 29th. Bryan has been serving as our Transfer Counselor in Bedford. He previously worked at Mass Bay Community College as the Coordinator of Transfer Affairs and Articulation, and also as the Interim Director of Advising. Bryan is an MCC graduate himself from our Lowell Connections program. Bryan brings a wealth of experience working at both the local and state levels to his work. Bryan has worked with faculty and staff at all levels in the development of processes and curriculum and will bring tremendous leadership skills to our advising team.
  • Melissa Welch: Melissa was hired at the beginning of the summer as our new Internship Coordinator. Melissa is no stranger to MCC having worked previously in Student Affairs and more recently in the Business Division as an Achievement Coach. Melissa will be working with all of the academic areas to broaden our internship opportunities for students make our college internship practices more consistent, with an emphasis on our STEM program. Melissa’s office is located in the STEM Pathways Center in Lowell.
  • Karen James: Karen was promoted to Coordinator of Career Planning and Placement early this summer. Karen has worked at MCC for the past four years as a Career Counselor and has been a career counselor for a number of years at other institutions. In her new role, Karen will be helping to coordinate many of the activities of the Career Services area, including events, classroom visits, curriculum development, employer events, etc. Karen is located on the Bedford campus.
  • Jessica Frost: Jessica joined our department in July as our Staff Assistant. Jessica previously worked for the past two years for Paula Pitcher in the Enrollment area. Jessica previously worked at Northeastern University as the Assistant Director in the Registrar’s office. Jessica’s office is in Lowell.

Transfer Update
The MassTransfer Program will expand during the 2016-2017 academic year to include transfer pathways for students in select disciplines, a detailed course to course equivalency for public institutions (MAST) and the Commonwealth Commitment tuition rebate. For up to date information on all of these program changes, please visit:

Save the Dates
transfer-fair-2014Our Annual Transfer Fairs will be held on Wednesday October 26th in Lowell and Thursday October 27th in Bedford, both from 10:00am-1:00pm. We will host over 30 public and private institutions at these events and they are a great opportunity for our students to explore their transfer options. We hope you will encourage your students to attend.

Other Updates
We continue to work on the implementation of our new scheduling software system. College Scheduler is a system that works in tandem with information in Banner (and eventually DegreeWorks) that will allow for a much more robust and efficient registration system for advisors and students going forward. This new system will allow students to input information about which classes they wish to take, campus, and times they are available to take classes, and the system will automatically generate templates of sample schedules for the student to choose from. Then the student can select the schedule that works best for them and immediately register for their courses. The goal is to have the system fully implemented in time for us to use with students when we begin Spring 2017 registration in October. Stay tuned!

Advisor assignments have been completed for the fall semester, so you can view your advisee lists in both MiddleNet and DegreeWorks. We hope that you will contact your advisees early in the semester to make good connections and assist students with their educational planning. You should also introduce students to our Academic Maps which can be found at

Business, Entrepreneurship and Legal Studies

peyton_bookPeyton Paxson has written “Why American Prisons Fail: How to Fix Them without Spending More Money (Maybe Less),” (Carolina Academic Press), published at the beginning of this year. He is now working on a second edition of “Mass Communications and Media Studies” (Bloomsbury) due to publisher in August 2017; and has had a paper accepted for Popular Cultural Association’s annual meeting in April 2017, “Prisons and Profits: Advertising and the Corrections Industry.” Peyton is also teaching a new course, “Modern China,” this fall.

Heloisa DaCunha and Ron Brevard have completely redesigned “Interpersonal Communications” using open source information. In addition, Ron has been involved with the “Engage The Election” initiative by working with Patrick Cook to have elected officials come in to class and discuss a variety of social topics such as police use of force, Black Lives Matter etc.

Both Heloisa Dacunha and Ron Brevard have incorporated the use of MindTap into the “Introduction to CJ” courses, and the “Criminology” courses.

Lynda Pintrich is spearheading the Lowell High-Risk Reentry Initiative. MCC has partnered with the US Attorney’s office and several other law enforcement agencies and community service agencies to offer services to inmates leaving the Billerica House of Correction (BHOC) and returning to the city of Lowell. The program is a joint effort between law enforcement and service providers to support inmates in their return to Lowell, in an effort to reduce recidivism. The initial panel presentation to inmates took place at BHOC on September 6,2016. Katherine Innnis attended and presented on behalf of MCC, sharing information about MCC’s varied and numerous programs that could potentially serve to support them in their transition back to the community

The “Law, Justice and Society” class in Bedford will be completing Project-Based Service- Learning this fall in partnership with the Lowell High School PALS Program (Partners in Achievement of Lowell Students). The PALS program identifies Lowell High School juniors and seniors that are at-risk of not graduating on time or at all. The program matches the students with mentors with the goal of engaging youth in the school and increasing graduation rates.

In the Paralegal Program, the Business Law classes have all now incorporated the Cengage MindTap materials, following multiple trainings during the summer.

constitution-day_poster_fa16Constitution Day was held on September 19th; one of our long-time Adjunct Faculty members, Patty Talty, presented on the upcoming election and how it will affect the choices for the US Supreme Court.

In the Hospitality Program, Hospitality Chair Kim Morrissey has begun meetings with UTEC to explore ways in which the Culinary and Hospitality programs can work cooperatively with UTEC as a community partner.

In the Entrepreneurship Program, Chair Stacie Hargis has planned a cooperative event with community group, E for All. The All Ideas Pitch Contest will take place Thursday, October 27th in the Assembly Room, MCC Federal Building, 50 Kearney Square, Lowell, MA
Event Time: 5:30 – 8:00 PM. This event is for the community so if you are an entrepreneur with an idea to pitch, contact Stacie for more info. Deadline to enter: October 11th @ midnight.

The Center for Leadership & Engagement

ssfd1-finalThe Center for Leadership & Engagement would like to thank all of our faculty and staff who volunteered, presented, and welcomed almost 1,000 new students at our New Student Orientation: Opening Day program on both the Lowell and Bedford campuses. Orientation continued with 2 successful family nights, club and resource fairs, and other First-Year Student Engagement events. These campus-wide initiatives ensure “Student Success from Day One!” Assessment of Opening Day is ongoing and your feedback is needed as planning for the 2017 incoming class has already begun. Please submit your thoughts and ideas to

13537717_1316180261744404_834337758845080592_nMCC Sports is off to a spirited start this semester! With 2 volleyball teams, a flag football team, and a powder puff football team underway, there is no shortage of sports engagement. While these 4 teams represent almost 40 student-athletes, there are over 100 students have registered to participate in sports this semester. Many of those students will be joining our soccer, basketball, and hockey teams, starting later this semester.


In late August the staffs of Admissions, Enrollment, Testing, and Advising worked together to host Walk-In Enrollment Days on each campus. On those days prospective and returning students were able to take a placement test, meet with an admissions counselor or academic advisor, and register for classes, all without an appointment. Student Information staff greeted students and determined where they should be sent to be accommodated in the most efficient manner. Over the two days we met with over 300 students! We found the events so successful that we are already scheduling similar days the week of finals (to capture our current students before they leave for the break) and again in January. A special thanks goes to all staff who participated and to our Office of Marketing Communications for their innovative promotion of the events.

itt_cr6sewawaaamu0pThe College welcomed students affected by the closure of local ITT Tech campuses. This was once again a collective effort which included several areas. Colleen Cox arranged the setup, Marketing Communications designed marketing materials, produced a press release, and created a website devoted to ITT students, and Patrick Cook  worked with the Lowell Sun to publicize the event. Pam Flaherty greeted students and gathered background information prior to linking them with staff from Admissions, Advising, and Testing. In some cases we were able register students in fall classes, but for most we discussed their options going forward. Students were truly appreciative of our efforts to assist them during this challenging time. We are also planning to attend informational events for ITT students in both Norwood and Wilmington the week of September 19.

comcombannerThe Admissions Department hosted North Shore and Northern Essex admissions staffs on September 19 on the Lowell campus. Bryan Wint, our Director of Advising, provided a detailed presentation of the new MassTransfer website, which includes information regarding the Commonwealth Commitment program. After his presentation we exchanged ideas on how best to communicate the benefits of the program at the prospective-student level. Often students consider all three colleges and we want to present uniform information on this very important initiative.

The Fall Admissions Open House will be held the morning of Saturday, October 29 beginning at 9:30 on our Bedford campus. Prospective students will have opportunities to engage with staff from across the college to learn about our academic programs and the many services we offer. In past years we have hosted over 250 people on this day.

The Admissions staff has begun fall recruiting, which includes high school visits and visits to community agencies, college fairs, and information sessions. In addition we hold mandatory overview sessions for some of our most sought after health programs, such as nursing, diagnostic medical sonography, dental hygiene, and dental assisting. These are conducted by both admissions staff and program coordinators. These are offered so that interested applicants have the information they need to make informed decisions about whether these programs are a good fit for them. These events not only help recruitment but retention as well. We’ve also planned numerous tours of both campuses as we know one of the best ways to attract students to the college is to have them visit and see firsthand what MCC has to offer. For a list of fall recruiting events, follow this link

While overall enrollment is down from last year, we do have some bright spots. Our Dual Enrollment Academy program continues to grow, both in the high schools and among our home-school population. To date we have enrolled 434 dual enrollment students, 261 are taking classes in the high schools, and of the 173 on campus, 78 are home schooled. We anticipate receiving enrollments from six additional high schools for the fall semester.

Admissions is always open to new ideas when it comes to recruiting new students and welcomes participation from across the college. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email Marilynn Gallagan or Jillian Freitas-Haley.

Enrollment Management

Testing and Registration/School Opening
Over the past month, Enrollment Management has been focused on testing and registering new and returning students for Fall 2016. On August 23rd and August 25th, Enrollment Management collaborated with the other student service areas to support a new Walk-In testing and registration model. This model allowed students to test, meet with an advisor or admissions counselor, and register in the same day. The Student Information Centers and the Enrollment Management Center provided additional coverage the week prior to and during the opening of classes to ensure that students were best able to obtain the information and classes they needed for the upcoming semester.

Graduation and ITT Technical Institute
Enrollment Management awarded 209 new graduates this Summer and is now in the process of reviewing potential Fall graduates. The Registrar’s Office and Testing participated in our ITT Technical Institute day to assist ITT Tech students in determining the next steps with their career goals or education. ITT Tech students were provided opportunities to do on-spot placement testing or meet with advisors and admissions counselors and register, as necessary. Working in collaboration with Rob Kaulfuss of the Credit for Prior Learning office, the Registrar’s Office will continue to support the ITT Tech students through assistance with transfer credit options.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Update
The test and production environments for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application has been installed by Softdocs and the MCC Technology Center (many thanks to both teams). SoftDocs will be onsite the week of October 24th for technical training. Functional training will take place during the “Go Live” week which is scheduled for December 5th. The “Go Live” phase will allow the Admissions, Enrollment Management and the Financial Aid departments to reduce the distribution of “paperwork,” the ability to scan documents and access them from anywhere at the college, and streamline their business processes. In the next phase, the team will be working on developing eForms and eWorkflows.

Banner Users Group (BUG) Committee Update (co-chaired by Scott O’Neil and Josie Gorman)
Banner Users Group committee outlined the business process for implementing “preferred name.” The Admissions department is currently revising the Admissions application to accommodate preferred name. The committee is reviewing the scope of work that will allow preferred name to first appear on class rosters. Other institutional interests where preferred name should be illustrated includes, but not limited to, MiddleNet, DegreeWorks, grade sheets, Blackboard, ESars, and the college directory. The committee and Registrar’s Office are also looking into the implementation of the waitlist functionality in Banner.

Policy Information
Additional communications on the new GPA Policy and Withdrawal Policy will be starting the week of September 26th. Information will be provided through the Student Information Centers, the college monitors, social media, and the Student and college Newscaster. All communications will provide contact information if there any questions on interpreting the policies.

The first meeting for the Policy Committee will be on October 5th at 2pm in Lowell. The Committee would welcome more faculty membership. If you would like to join the Policy Committee, please make your Academic Dean aware of your interest.

Global Education

International Fellowships:
Global Education is pleased to announce that the International Fellowships for 2016-17 will be to India, UK-Ireland, and China. Application information for students and advisors can be found at: WWW.MIDDLESEX.MASS.EDU/FELLOWSHIPS

Study Abroad to Japan:
Join BU Professor Emeritus Livia Kohn June 10-24, 2017 for an in-depth, in-country course on the history, culture, and current state of the religions of Asia as seen through the shrines, temples, palaces, and holy mountains of Kyoto and Tokyo Japan. Gain a new level of understanding of Asian culture by immersing yourself in Japanese lifestyle to learn first-hand about the unfolding of its religions in history. Itinerary and flyer

Study Abroad and Transfer Agreements:
MCC now has an agreement with Kansai University of International Studies in Hyogo, Japan, for student and academic exchange.

We are also working on an updated agreement with the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) that will include a 2+2, providing the possibility for MCC students to gain a dual-degree from AUPP and the University of Arizona.

Global Education Lecture Series:
Oscar-winning filmmaker Kalyanee Mam spoke to over 400 students and community members on September 13-14 at MCC and the Stoklosa School, including a film screening of her Sundance Award-winning documentary “A River Changes Course.” Her 10 minute short film “Fight for Areng Valley” is an excellent curriculum resource for a variety of topics including immigration, environment, and politics.

mcc_visitingscholarf16Fulbright Scholar in Residence:
Dr. Reth Soeng, our Fulbright Scholar in Residence this academic year, would be very pleased to visit classes, student activities, or academic meetings to speak on Cambodia or on his expertise in economics. If you would like to arrange for him to speak, please contact him at He looks forward to connecting with the college and community.

Humanities and Social Sciences Division


  • mcc_zubkovskyAn upcoming concert from our A World of Music concert series: Igor Zubkovsky, Cello Acclaimed Russian cellist will be joined by his mother, pianist Susanna Kolker, for a duo recital of works by Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, Mikhail Glinka and Karl Davydov. Friday, October 14 at 8:00 pm, MCC Concert Hall, Bedford Campus.
  • visitingwritersseries_mary-buchinger_oct_12_2016Join us for the Visiting Writer Series featuring Mary Buchinger, award-winning poet, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12, in Bedford Campus Center’s Café East.
  • Middlesex Community College art faculty will be featured in a group show at Gallery Z in Lowell, on view Sept. 30 through Oct. 23.Free and open to the public, the show will reflect the many media disciplines taught in MCC’s Art and Design Department. Works include drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass and graphic design.“Low Tide,” by Margaret Swan
    “Low Tide,” by Margaret Swan

    Faculty artists include Jan Arabas, Meredith Fife Day, Mary W. Hart, George Herman, Tamara Krendel, Yary Livan, Margaret Rack, Carolyn Stock, Margaret Swan and Kai Vlahos. All faculty members are actively practicing, exhibiting and or published artists.The opening reception will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 30, at Gallery Z, 167 Market St. in Lowell. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.



Library Resources

kara_schwartz-jpgKara Schwartz has joined Middlesex as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Lowell campus library. Kara comes to us with a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from Colby College, a Master of Arts in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. In addition to her prior work at Middlesex as a part-time reference librarian, Kara has been employed as a Massachusetts School Librarian, an ESL Instructor, and a Language Lab Coordinator.

Joanna Gray has joined Middlesex as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Bedford campus library. Joanna comes to us with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education/General Special Education from Rivier University, and a Master of Library and Information Science from University of South Carolina. In addition to her prior work at Middlesex as a part-time reference librarian, Joanna taught at the Perkins School for the Blind.

Kim Money has joined Middlesex as a Reference and Digital Resources Librarian and will split her time between the Lowell and Bedford libraries. Kim comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from UMass Lowell and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. In addition to the four years she worked as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Middlesex in a part-time capacity, Kim has worked as a librarian at Rivier University and Regis College.


Program News
The science department is enhanced our STEM pathways this fall by offering Organic Chemistry for the first time. A number of community college do not offer the “Organic Chemistry I and II” course sequence. This fall, Sally Quast is offering “Organic Chemistry I,” and will offer “Organic Chemistry II” in the Spring 17 semester. Both classes meet MassTransfer requirements and are a requirement for numerous STEM majors at the bachelor’s level, as well as allied health fields.

The division is offering 6 students the opportunity to participate in a research experience as an undergraduate by enrolling in one of our 1 credit STEM research course. Aisha Arroyo and Scott Higinbotham and Igor Baryakhtar will be working with students on Mathematical research and John Savage and Jean Cremins will be working with a student on scientific research.

The Math Department is in the process of setting up the practice sessions and exam for the National Mathematics Contest sponsored by the American Association of Two-Year Colleges. Any Middlesex full- or part time student who has not earned a two-year college or higher degree is eligible to participate. Middlesex in 2015/2016 was first in the New England association for highest score and highest team score, and received a plaque for recognition.

The Math Department is offering a late-start “Statistics” class (MAT177) online for those students in Ramp-Up who have finished through either module 73 or 82 by Oct. 8th for a class that will start on the 11th. This will allow students to complete their pre-requisite and college-level math classes in the same semester.

Pathways Center
For the month of September, the Pathways Center has been experiencing high traffic daily. Study groups are utilizing the space and we have already been visited by 6 STEM & Health classes that wanted to know more about what we have to offer. We also are scheduled to visit additional classrooms over the next 2 weeks. Science tutoring has started in the center and Math tutoring will be starting on 9/22. Two employers will hold hiring events at the center this month (Alexander Technology and UPS) and we expect 1 more before month end that will be scheduled in Bedford.

The Pathways Center is gearing up for our Welcoming Event to be held on 10/13 with lots of food, fun and prizes as students get to know the staff and peer mentors who will be serving in the center this semester. We are looking forward to a visit from a DHE evaluator on 10/12, who will be observing a workshop on interviewing skills and a facilitated study group (SI) taking place on that day in the center.

Government & Community Relations

Patrick Cook joined President Mabry and a team of student leaders from the Student Union Government Association as well as fellows from the Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute/Leadership in Action course to march in this year’s Bedford Day Parade. Two dozen students represented the college at the town’s annual celebrations, marching down the middle of Great Road and handing out candy to children who were holding FUTURE MCC STUDENT goodie bags in their hands. At the end of the parade, MCC had an information booth set up at the Town Center parking area. Jillian Freitas-Haley from Admissions and Dennis Malvers from Advancement were on hand to answer questions from the public and connect with several alumni who stopped by the booth.

Alisa Chapman, Director of Compliance, has been updating the college’s Annual Safety & Security Report, which will be sent out to the college next week. In addition, she is also distributing various required legal disclosures. Disclosures students receive include: voter registration, availability of financial aid, notice of financial aid penalties for drug law violations, FERPA, drug and alcohol abuse policies, campus sex crimes prevention, hazing, Annual Safety & Security Report, and provisions Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. Disclosures faculty and staff receive include: drug and alcohol abuse policies, sexual harassment and sexual violence policies, campus sex crimes prevention, Annual Safety & Security Report, and the Massachusetts Domestic Violence Law.

Alisa will also be the facilitator at several sessions at the Statewide Conference on Campus Safety and Violence Prevention on September 28th at the DCU Center. This conference is a critical part of the Department of Higher Education’s commitment to coordinate a statewide effort of address campus safety and violence prevention. Alisa participated in the Task Force that issued findings and recommendations to the Board of Higher Education in June, entitled: Securing our Future: Best Practice Recommendations for Campus Safety and Violence Prevention. Patrick Cook, Dan Martin, Phil Sisson, and Pam Flaherty will also be attending this conference on behalf of MCC.

The Director of Compliance, along with Public Safety and Student Affairs staff, will be collaborating this year on college-wide training on topics including: active shooter, state mandated reporting, sexual violence and sexual harassment, domestic and dating violence, and Title IX. Please check Newscaster for dates, times and locations.

Director of Public Safety Daniel Martin has been working with Securitas, our on-campus security firm, and training new public safety officers assigned at Middlesex Community College. With the new semester beginning this month, Dan and his staff were working to help welcome our students back to campus on Opening Day.

Dan has also been working on updating MCC’s Department of Public Safety offered “Active Shooter” training course. Along with Campus Resource Officers Tom Hickey and Craig Naylor; Alisa Chapman, and Patrick Cook, Dan will be conducting Active Shooter trainings on a continuous basis throughout the upcoming semester. The personal protection training takes approximately 90 minutes. Geographic trainings and assessments for particular departments/work areas are available upon request. If your department would like to schedule a training, please contact Abby Vergados at

Patrick joined our partners at the Lowell National Historical Park to help celebrate the centennial anniversary of National Parks across the country. Locally, the urban LNHP was created in the late 1970s by former U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas, but the Lowell Park joined with all the parks nationally to commemorate all of the nation’s treasures. Patrick and President Mabry took part in a flag-raising ceremony at Lowell City Hall to recognize the anniversary.

Institutional Advancement

College Advancement

af17Annual Fund
The 2017 MCC Foundation Annual Fund will kick off in early October. Over the last decade, through the generous contributions of faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, the MCC Foundation Annual Fund has raised over $500,000 and funded 125 grant projects that promote student success. Every dollar raised is directly applied to MCC’s innovative programs by way of Annual Fund grants.

Ways to Give:

MCC Foundation Scholarships
The 2016-2017 MCC Foundation online application process is set to open in early October. Please help pass the word on to students that there are many award opportunities. New this year, students who are applying to participate in the MCC International Fellowships may apply for the MCC Foundation Founders Scholarship, which provides financial assistance to students who pursuing MCC study abroad programs. For information regarding the application or questions on the application process, please go to this webpage: or contact Amy Lee Watch for additional information Newscaster.

mcc_murdernesmith_flierMurder Mystery at the Nesmith House
Join the college community for a fun and entertaining evening to benefit the MCC Performing Arts Scholarship Fund! “Murder at the Nesmith House” will be performed on Friday evening, October 28 and Saturday, evening October 29. beginning at 6:30 pm. This production is being directed and acted by members of MCC’s Theater Department under the supervision of Karen Oster, Chair of Performing Arts. A limited number of tickets are available for each night’s performance. Hors d’oeuvres will be served and a cash bar will be available. Ticket prices are $75 and will support MCC performing arts students!
Order tickets online at For more information, please contact Colleen Cox at or Dennis Malvers at 781-280-3514.

craftfairMCC Arts & Crafts Fair
Middlesex Community College’s 24th Annual Arts & Craft Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, November 19, on the Bedford Campus. The fair will feature over 60 crafters who will be offering items, including fresh baked breads and pies, jewelry, bee products, themed gift baskets, quilts, pet items, license plate art, tea accessories, and many holiday crafts.

Community Education and Training

milesThe Fall 2016 MILES Opening Session will be taking place Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 2:00pm in the Bedford Campus Center, Café East. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our MILES members and get a sense of the courses we offer each semester. MCC’s Campus Safety team will be our featured presenters, focusing on Campus Safety, Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Awareness.

Corporate Education and Training

  • Delivering customized noncredit Accounting for employees at Enterprise Bank.
  • Delivering Excel training for Minuteman Senior Services and American Science and Engineering employees on the Bedford Campus.
  • Offering Medical Administration Recertification class for LifeLinks. The course is conducted at MCC in order to provide employees exposure to taking classes in a college setting.
  • Delivering a SHRM HR Certification Exam Prep Course at Otis Air National Guard Base. The participants in this class are a combination of six military personnel and civilians who will be completing the course by early December 2016

Marketing Communications

mymcc_billboard-20160923_110401New Branding Campaign
The new “my MCC” college brand is currently being rolled out across campus. Before the start of the semester, large banners featuring photos of real MCC students were installed on both the Bedford and Lowell campuses. A billboard” was also repurposed on the Bedford campus behind the Enrollment Center. This billboard reused the existing sign structure and materials and was created collaboratively between Marketing and Facilities. The sign is modular, allowing the Marketing Office to post important college-wide messages including: registration, FAFSA deadlines, open house dates and semester start dates.

In addition to new signage, MS Word templates featuring the new brand have been added to the template library located on the Marketing websitemymcc_banner-20160922_091027

These templates can be used by anyone in the college community, and enable individuals and departments to create their own branded communications without having to submit job requests to Marketing Communications.

Some of the templates available include a PowerPoint presentation, an agenda, room signs, memos, certificates, brochures and announcement fliers.

photo-challenge-slideSocial Media #myMCC Hashtag Photo Challenge
In alignment with the new 2016-2018 Marketing Communications brand campaign, the Office of Marketing Communications simultaneously launched a social media component of the campaign. The goal of the social media component is the same as the overall campaign – to tell authentic MCC student stories as a way to connect with current and prospective students.ericltate2

The first phase of  the campaign kicked off with our Hashtag Photo Challenge. We asked students to snap & share creative photos of our MCC branded hashtag squishy giveaway using #myMCC. Photos were submitted through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Community members then voted for their favorite photos. Participation was so high we recognized the top two vote-getters with VISA and MCC Bookstore gift cards. Check out some of the great submissions on the ALBUM on our Facebook page.

mymcc_walk_320x50_thuGeofencing + Other Mobile Marketing

In August, Marketing Communications launched its first Geofencing Campaign to promote the Walk-In Enrollment dates. Geofencing uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to build virtual boundaries around specific locations. Once a customer is within the parameters that you’ve specified, a Real-Time Bidding process will occur and there’s a chance that they will see your ad while they’re using their mobile devices to surf the web. Attendance numbers were up and we will be utilizing more targeted advertising in the future.

mymcc_t4_300x250_entAlso, for Fall promotion we launched a bilingual campaign through Entravision Communications, a leading media company that reaches and engages U.S. Latinos across acculturation levels and media channels. The ads, targeting the Middlesex service area, featured 2016 Commencement Speaker and Distinguished Alum Carla Rojo. A first-generation college student, Rojo graduated from Middlesex with an associate degree in Communications in 2012.

Don’t Be Shy: Send Us Your News!
The college and several divisions/departments have been the happy recipients of a number of recent honors, awards and grants, from our Title III and TechHire grants, to being named a Lead Initiative campus by NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education).

While it’s nice to read about such accolades in this e-newsletter, Marketing Communications would like to share this news with a wider audience. We are always looking for “good news” to include in news releases and social media.

Let us know when you or your division/department receive an award or grant – or any other good news about students, faculty and staff. Please submit an online Marketing Communications Request Form to request a news release. Include the WWWW info – who, what, when & where – with your Request Form. We will do our best to share your good news with the wider community.


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