August 2019

Updates from College Leadership

The 2019-2020 academic year is officially underway and I have enjoyed reconnecting with faculty and staff these last few weeks as we have prepared to welcome students back on campus. I hope you all had the opportunity this summer to relax and reset. I myself, used the summer months to reflect on my mission and vision for the college and I am excited for us to continue working together, to connect resources and systems that support our students along their paths to success.

The success of our students is a testament to the transformative experience that happens here at Middlesex. Our students are our best ambassadors and we only have to listen to their personal stories to know that it is the dedicated faculty and staff of this institution that play a crucial role in their educational success. But don’t take my word for it, watch the college’s new television commercial (below) and listen to recent graduate Randy Nguyen as he shares what MCC meant to him.

All the best.

Jim Mabry

Table Of Contents

  • Featured Video
    • Discover Your Path – Randy Nguyen
  • Featured News Story
    • Linda Nara named new MCC student trustee
  • Upcoming Events
  • Awards, Presentations & Publications
    • Communications
    • Community Education and Training
    • Summer STEM Starter Academy
  • Employee News
    • Lowell Student Information Center
    • MCC Libraries
    • Allied Health
  • Community Submissions
    • Asian Students in Alliance
    • Career Development
    • College for Kids
    • Enrollment Management – Key Fall 2019 Dates
    • Enrollment Management – New Policies
    • MCC Libraries

Featured Video

Discover Your Path – Randy Nguyen

Featured News Story

Linda Nara named new MCC student trustee

The Middlesex Community College board of trustees has named Linda Nara of Lowell student trustee for the 2019-2020 academic year.

An international student from Cambodia, Nara has been studying at MCC since January 2018. She is pursuing an Associate degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a History, Politics & Global Studies concentration. She expects to graduate in May, then earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees before returning to Cambodia to launch a diplomatic career. [Read More]


Upcoming Events

Awards, Presentations & Publications


Communications adjunct Rick Pozniak is working with the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism to create guidelines on how the media covers mass shootings. He lectured on public relations to graduates of the crisis communications program at Israel’s Tel-Aviv University.

Community Education and Training

On August 13th, D’Youville Health and Wellness Center hosted a ceremony to celebrate 12 student graduates from our C.N.A for Success program. The C.N.A. for Success is a DESI-Funded ESOL-Integrated Certified Nurse Assistant training collaboration between MCC, Abisi Adult Education, International Institute, and D’Youville. The 3rd cohort will begin in October 2019. Congratulations to all who support this program!

IMG_0561 - Teresa Medina.jpg

Summer STEM Starter Academy

Summer STEM Starter Academy opportunities included research experiences and free courses at MCC and UML. SSA also awarded 6 students with a summer math scholarship. Bridge programs and accelerated math courses offered extensive academic support with hands-on experiences impacting student success.


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Employee News

Lowell Student Information Center


Welcome to Nancy Fields! Nancy Fields works as an administrative assistant in the Lowell campus Student Information Center. She previously worked in the Enrollment department in 2014 and graduated from MCC in 2015 with a Communications Concentration degree. After leaving for almost 4 years, she’s excited to be back and starting her new journey here with everyone at Middlesex. Nancy is also a photographer and the co-founder of Girl Magic, which is a space where women empower each other through collaboration, photography, and sisterhood.

MCC Libraries

The MCC Libraries welcome new Coordinator of Library Services Tracy Joyce to the Bedford campus. Tracy hails from the Nutmeg State (CT) but has called Massachusetts home since she completed her undergraduate degree at UMASS Amherst in 2006. In 2010, Tracy completed her MS in Library & Information Science from Simmons University. Her career in academic libraries includes tenures at small colleges in the region, most notably, Bay Path University (Information Literacy Librarian), Wheelock College (Learning and Research Services Librarian), and most recently Mount Ida College (Applied Sciences and Business Liaison and Reference Services Librarian). Tracy worked as a part-time evening librarian in Lowell before taking on her new role at the college. Tracy enjoys providing services and resources to help students succeed and looks forward to working with the MCC community.

As Tracy takes the helm in Bedford, we also welcome Jordana Shaw back to the Lowell campus as Coordinator of Library Services. Tracy, Jordana and our Student Success Librarians, Kim Money Priddy, Kara Schwartz and Joanna Gray along with Assistant Librarian Rip Rybnikar have worked tirelessly throughout the summer. In June at Mount Wachusett, Joanna conducted a workshop for Group Administrators from across the state on uploading OER materials to the Massachusetts Community College Hub on OER Commons. In July, students in the Summer STEM & Pathways Exploration Bridge programs participated in customized library orientation sessions in Lowell with Jordana. In August, IDS and FYE Quick Start students took part in a newly crafted library immersion experience with Kim, Kara, Rip and Tracy. Designed to engage, enlighten and inform, students learned that librarians, library resources and services offer them a critical support network, which can positively impact their success at MCC.

Allied Health

The Nursing and Allied Health Division is pleased to welcome three new full-time faculty.

Elizabeth Stone is a new full-time faculty in Dental Hygiene.  Elizabeth earned her Dental Hygiene certification from Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, her BS in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University, and is currently pursuing her MS Ed. From St Joseph’s College.  Elizabeth has extensive experience as a clinical dental hygienist, specializing in periodontics. Elizabeth has been teaching part-time in our dental hygiene department since 2006.

Two new full time faculty are joining the nursing department to replace faculty who retired.

Sharon Hamel comes from Northern Essex Community College where she taught for 8 years.  She brings her expertise and passion for simulation to MCC, where she will be coordinating the Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab.  Sharon’s education includes an associate degree from Northern Essex Community College, a bachelor‘s from Salem State College, and a master’s degree from Saint’s Joseph College.  Sharon is also certified in Simulation from Drexel University.  Sharon has expertise as an emergency medical technician and a critical care flight nurse, with many years’ experience working in Lowell hospitals as a critical care and emergency department nurse.

Susan Miller has been teaching part-time in the nursing department for the past four years.  Susan has a bachelor’s degree from Luther College, Iowa, and a master’s degree Framingham State University.  She has also earned the distinction of Certified Nurse Educator.  Susan has extensive clinical experience in cardiology, gerontology, ophthalmology, and urology.  Over the past four years, Susan has demonstrated her ability to teach and her ability to grow the nursing profession by mentoring others.

Community Submissions

Asian Students in Alliance

On August 1, 2019 the Program for Asian American Student Advancement (PAASA) and their Program Specialist, Linda Thiem led a experiential learning retreat for the officers of MCC’s Asian Students in Alliance (A.S.I.A). Eleven members of the alliance attended the one-day retreat in Chinatown, which provided an opportunity for past leaders to pass on the responsibilities to students who are interested in becoming officers of the A.S.I.A student group for the Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 year. Using Boston’s Chinatown as the contextual learning environment, participants examined the mission of the alliance, utilized key geographical markers in Chinatown as places of experiential learning about leadership, activism and community development, and integrated their individual cultural identities in understanding their unique leadership styles.

MCC’s students commented in their surveys after the trip:

“I learned how to be an effective leader, and I was able to share my ideas with others. I learned a lot from ASIA’s previous leaders, and the retreat made me want to get to know more about other people around me.”

“The most important thing I learned during this trip was how much Asian culture has impacted the cities around me and the need to keep our culture alive. Through the retreat activities I also learned about myself, that I’m really good at making connections, and as a leader that’s an important skill to use to get others engaged.”

The retreat helped to create a pathway for new officers of the A.S.I.A group and to show gratitude for the officers of the prior year. New officers received events and programming for the upcoming academic year, which helped to create an atmosphere of excitement to engage other students for the upcoming fall semester. Advising the officers of the Asian Students in Alliance allows the AANAPISI grant to meet one of our initiatives in fostering mutual support and leadership for Asian American students on campus.

august 2019 - Linda Thiem.png

Career Development

This summer Career Development staff met with MCC alumni on visits to companies such as Black & Veatch in Burlington and Gillette in Boston to learn about career paths, competencies and internships. The team has been joined by STEM faculty and staff, Alumni Relations and Reps from UML and WIT.

MCC GIllette Site Visit 8.7.19 - Rebecca Newell.jpg

College for Kids

College for Kids launched a number of new programs this summer, two of which deserve a special highlight! Our new Farm to Table: Healthy Eating class taught by instructor, Gina Mustoe, was a huge success! The program hosted 12 students who learned how to cook safely in the kitchen with proper cutting skills and health eating recipes. The week began with the students utilizing the squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh mint grown from our own MCC Community Garden. The students also made ranch dressing, strawberry salad with a vinaigrette dressing, fresh homemade pasta, ravioli and red sauce. They finished the week with a health pizza challenge, which the Marguerite pizza took the championship! Yum!

LEGO City Planning was phenomenal. Students built a city, all with LEGO’s. Kids wasted no time planning their city, and began building day one. All the way from a subway station, to multiple tower buildings, to residential, commercial, industrial and governmental zones. The program focused on what it takes to run a city, the services provided and how certain services are strategically placed in a city through zoning. Instructor, Eric Kingsley of Brickapalooza, really put these kids to work with LEGO City Planning! Can’t wait to see what we have in store for next year!

Enrollment Management – Key Fall 2019 Dates


Course additions:

  • New students must register by 8/30.
  • Continuing, Transfer, and Visiting Students may add a day class until Saturday 9/7.
  • New Students registered by 8/30 may also add a day class until 9/7.
  • Evening/weekend classes may be added by Continuing, Transfer, and Visiting Students before the second class meeting as follows:
  • 9/16 for Monday classes.
  • 9/17 for Tuesday classes.
  • 9/11 for Wednesday classes.
  • 9/12 for Thursday classes.
  • 9/14 for Saturday classes.

New students may add an evening/weekend class only until the first meeting.

  • Web classes may be added until 9/7 for Continuing, Transfer, and Visiting Students. New Student registration in web classes is required before 9/4.

Course drops, withdrawals and refunds:

  • The last day to drop a class for 100% refund is 9/10. 50% refunds are granted from 9/11-9/17.
  • No refund is made after 9/17.
  • Go to for complete Withdrawal/Refund information, including for Minimester classes.
  • Thursday 11/21 is the last day to withdraw from a full-term class.

Last Day to Withdraw

  • Full-Semester – 11/21/19
  • Minimester 1 – 10/11/19
  • Minimester 2 – 12/6/19

Grades – Drop for Nonattendance

  • Full Term – 9/20/19
  • Minimester I – 9/20/19
  • Minimester 2 – 11/15/19


  • Full Term – 10/25/19
  • Minimester 1 – 10/4/19
  • Minimester 2 – 11/27/19


  • Full Term – 1/2/20
  • Minimster 1 –  10/28/19
  • Minimester 2 – 11/2/19

Minimester 2

  • Registration open until 10/28/19

Enrollment Management – New Policies

Student Program Change Policy

Once a Middlesex Community College student is admitted into a specific open enrollment program or certificate program, the student has the option to change a program once per semester. For Fall 2019, in order to change a program, students must submit a completed and signed Change of Program Request form by September 20. Students are required to meet with and obtain the signature of an academic advisor to discuss career and educational goals. Students who receive Veterans benefits must also meet with a Veterans Certifying Official. Change of Program requests forms can be obtained through the Student Information Centers or on the website at:

Dual Major Policy

Students may earn additional Associate Degrees or Certificates either by concurrent completion of the requirements of the credential or by subsequent study after the first degree is received.  To receive an associate degree and certificate from Middlesex Community College, students must complete courses that meet the requirements of both programs and follow specific dual major policy guidelines. In many instances, certificate courses can automatically be applied to associate degrees. Students seeking a dual major should meet with an advisor to understand dual major guidelines and requirements and complete the Dual Major form found at:

MCC Libraries

The MCC Libraries offer these exciting new resources for the fall semester:

  • American Mosaic databases: The African American Experience and The Latino American Experience document the rich heritage and current culture of these groups in the United States.
  • Credo Instruct platform: modules that help students acquire crucial information literacy and critical thinking skills they need to thrive in their academic careers and beyond.
  • OverDrive via the SAILS Network- use your MCC library card to check out current ebooks, audiobooks and magazines!


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